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Rutas Turísticas Nacionales

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  1. Añadir Sognefjellet National Tourist Route a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 144 Opiniones144 Opiniones

    Sognefjellet National Tourist Route


    6877 Fortun

    Route 55 across the Sognefjell mountain area between Luster and Lom is the highest and most impressive mountain pass in Northern Europe (highest point 1430 meters), and it has been awarded the status of National Tourist Route because of the…

  2. Añadir La Carretera de Aurland a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 179 Opiniones179 Opiniones

    La Carretera de Aurland


    5741 Aurland

    La Carretera Turística Nacional que atraviesa la meseta de Aurlandsfjellet entre Aurland y Lærdal es una de las carreteras de alta montaña más impresionantes de Noruega.

    Datos                          Carretera Turística Nacional FV 243.

  3. Añadir Tindevegen a tu itineario



    6884 Øvre Årdal

    A beautiful mountain road between Øvre Årdal and Turtagrø, with great views of magnificent scenery and the impressive peaks of the Jotunheimen mountains. Just a short walk from the road, you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Hurrungane…

  4. Añadir Vikafjellsvegen (Rv 13) a tu itineario

    Vikafjellsvegen (Rv 13)


    6891 Vik i Sogn

    The road through the mountain area between Vik and Vinje/Voss (route 13) provides an ideal base for hikes in both the Vikafjellet and the Stølsheimen mountains, where there are many old summer pasture farms set in hilly terrain.

  5. Añadir Gaularfjell National Tourist Route a tu itineario

    Gaularfjell National Tourist Route


    6899 Balestrand

    For most people Gaularfjellet is a well-kept secret, but for all those who have discovered the road it is quite special. A journey along the road leading across Gaular, the mountain between Dragsvik and the Sognefjord, is a serene experience where…

  6. Añadir Utsikten a tu itineario



    6899 Balestrand

    The “Utsikten” at Gaularfjellet is one of the great viewing platform that offers a spectacular view along the National Tourist Road Gaularfjellet. The rest area is located at the top of the ascent from the Vetlefjorden and offers a magnificent view…





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