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Guided hike to Lundeskaret - Fjærland

Turistinformasjonen i Fjærland
6848 Fjærland

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Guided hike to Lundeskaret - Fjærland

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  1. Quite possibly Norways most beautiful bookstore!

    The Norwegian Booktown is situated…

    275 m de distancia
  2. The Norwegian Glacier Museum opened in 1991, and is an award-winning hands-on museum,…

    2.64 km de distancia
  3. The Flatbreen glacier can be seen from the fjord, and can be reached on foot. The…

    9.07 km de distancia
  1. You can see Bøyabreen at quite close range from the main road in Fjærland, or admire it…

    9.15 km de distancia
  2. The river running between the lakes Anestølsvatnet and Dalavatnet, foremost in the…

    11.90 km de distancia
  3. The “Utsikten” at Gaularfjellet is one of the great viewing platform that offers a…

    13.02 km de distancia
  4. For most people Gaularfjellet is a well-kept secret, but for all those who have…

    13.07 km de distancia
  5. "The finest ice scenery in Europe", said the English mountaineer W.C. Slingsby about…

    20.13 km de distancia
  6. Tunsbergdalsbreen Glacier is the longest glacier arm in Norway. It is situated 500 m.a.s…

    22.28 km de distancia
  7. Kvinnafossen falls 120 metres and is situated right beside the main road between…

    22.49 km de distancia
  8. You are welcome to visit our enamel workshop in Dragsvik. Here, we make - pictures -…

    22.74 km de distancia
  9. We are an art gallery in the centre of Balestrand with a gift shop with art…

    23.95 km de distancia
  10. All you need to know about the fjord. Sognefjord Aquarium has an indoor area that covers…

    23.96 km de distancia
  11. Do you wonder how our first tourists got around this rugged country? Why did they come to…

    23.98 km de distancia
  12. Four generations have been collecting the original artworks that now grace the walls of…

    24.02 km de distancia
  13. 'Det gylne hus' (The Golden House):
    Bjørg Bjøberg and Arthur Adamson - paintings,…

    24.16 km de distancia
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