Fridtjov the Bold

6894 Vangsnes

Tfno.: +47 911 30 843

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Fridtjov den frøkne

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Direcciones en transporte público

From the ferry terminal to the left a few metres in the direction of Feios then first to the right after the JOKER shop. Follow the signs!


Actividades deportivas

  • Geocaching

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¿Qué puedes encontrar cerca?

  1. Kvinnafossen

    Kvinnafossen falls 120 metres and is situated right beside the main road between…

    3.52 km de distancia
  2. Public beaches

    There are several public places in Balestrand where you can go swimming:…

    6.62 km de distancia
  3. Kong Bele

    According to legend, King Bele, king of sygna country, was buried in the largest of these…

    6.78 km de distancia
  1. Høyviksalen

    At Kviknes Hotel, you must visit the Høyvik Hall, where all chairs, tables, portals and…

    6.92 km de distancia
  2. The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism

    The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is a unique, digital and modern museum that…

    6.94 km de distancia
  3. Haukaas Enamel Workshop, Balestrand

    Haukaas enamel art is beautiful situated in Dragsvik, 10 km from Balestrand. Have a look…

    6.94 km de distancia
  4. Cidersmaking & Kulturvandring, Balestrand

    Eli-Grete or Gard tells the story of the art village Balestrand and the people who lived…

    7.00 km de distancia
  5. Balestrand Art Village

    'Det gylne hus' (The Golden House):
    Bjørg Bjøberg and Arthur Adamson - paintings,…

    7.00 km de distancia
  6. St. Olaf's Church - The English Church

    The English church in Balestrand was built as an imitation of a stave church. St. Olaf's…

    7.03 km de distancia
  7. The Sognefjord Aquarium

    Welcome to the Sognefjord's only Aquarium which is beautifully located down by the…

    7.20 km de distancia
  8. Bus tour to UTSIKTEN!

    Join us on a guided bus tour to the viewpoint at Gaularfjellet mountain.

    7.20 km de distancia
  9. The woodpecker forest

    Bring your whole family to the Woodpecker's forest in Balestrand!

    7.60 km de distancia
  10. The Balder Stone

    Straight ahead of us, standing on a large burial mound, we see the Balder Stone, towering…

    8.76 km de distancia
  11. Kvamsøy Church, Balestrand

    The church is located on Kvamsøy in Balestrand municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. The…

    10.02 km de distancia
  12. Hopperstad Stave Church

    The richly decorated Hopperstad stave church in Vik would have been lost but for the…

    11.13 km de distancia
  13. Moahaugane burial mounds

    Field with several distinctive burial mounds from 200-400 AD

    11.39 km de distancia
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Kong Bele, SogndalAccording to legend, King Bele, king of sygna country, was buried in the largest of these grave mounds in Balestrand.

The Balder Stone, SogndalStraight ahead of us, standing on a large burial mound, we see the Balder Stone, towering nearly 8 meter over the ground and considered on of the tallest menhirs in Norway.





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