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Fjord Cruise Sognefjord

6854 Kaupanger

Tfno.: 576 27 400

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Fjord Cruise Sognefjord

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  1. Through exhibits, an open-air museum and a traditional farm with live animals, Sogn...

    762 m de distancia
  2. Its size and numbers of posts is what makes Kaupanger stave church stand out from other...

    2.79 km de distancia
  3. Sogn Fjordmuseum is situated by Kaupanger ferry quay down by Sognefjord - Norway´s...

    3.56 km de distancia
  1. Gjest Baardsen (1791 – 1849) was a Norwegian outlaw, jail-breaker, non-fiction writer,...

    5.93 km de distancia
  2. Beside Stedje Church, one find a 1.89 meter high and 0.39 meter wide runestone from...

    6.09 km de distancia
  3. Stretching 204 km (120 miles) from Solund at the coast to the mighty Jotunheimen massif...

    6.75 km de distancia
  4. On the occasion of the hotel"s 300-year anniversary in 1990, Galleri Walaker 300 was...

    11.13 km de distancia
    Urnes Stave Church , the oldest of Norway's stave churches, is included on...

    12.38 km de distancia
  6. El río Lærdal tiene una extensa tradición como uno de los mejores ríos para la pesca del...

    19.16 km de distancia
  7. The old village centre with well preserved wooden houses from 1700 - 1800. A unique...

    19.98 km de distancia
  8. The river running between the lakes Anestølsvatnet and Dalavatnet, foremost in the...

    21.23 km de distancia
  9. The old church of Gaupne is a beautiful example of old Lutheran style with its ornamented...

    23.29 km de distancia
  10. The landscape around the Lusterfjord is very picturesque, and many great artists have...

    23.41 km de distancia
  11. The 218 metre high Feigefossen waterfall is in an idyllic setting on the southern side of...

    23.64 km de distancia
  12. At the south side of Lustrafjorden you will find the magnificent Feigefossen Waterfall....

    24.20 km de distancia
  13. Con 24,5 kilómetros, el túnel de Lærdal es el túnel de carretera más largo del mundo. La...

    26.87 km de distancia
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