El Centro del Salmón

Øyraplassen 14
6887 Lærdal

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Tfno.: 455 622 03

Tfno.: 915 51 043

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Norsk Villakssenter

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¿Qué puedes encontrar cerca?

  1. Sogn Kunstsenter, Lærdal

    Sogn Art Centre is situated in Lærdal Cultural Centre at Lærdalsøyri, together with The…

    8.87 km de distancia
  2. El túnel de Carretera más largo del Mundo

    Con 24,5 kilómetros, el túnel de Lærdal es el túnel de carretera más largo del mundo. La…

    13.84 km de distancia
  3. Sogn Fjord Museum, Kaupanger

    Visit Sogn Fjord Museum and experience boat- and fjord life in times past.

    15.61 km de distancia
  1. Margaretastova

    Margaretastova at Filefjell Mountain is a museum with exhibition dedicated to the history…

    16.37 km de distancia
  2. Kaupanger Stave Church, Sogndal

    Its size and numbers of posts is what makes Kaupanger stave church stand out from other…

    16.46 km de distancia
  3. The Heiberg Collections/ Sogn Folkemuseum, Kaupanger

    De Heibergske Samlinger – Sogn Folkemuseum is an open air museum with almost 40 authentic…

    18.40 km de distancia
  4. Iglesia de Madera de Borgund

    La iglesia medieval de madera de Borgund está situada en Lærdal. Se construyó en torno al…

    18.63 km de distancia
  5. Skjerdal Stølsysteri and Cafè

    Skjerdal Stølsysteri and Cafè

    Skjerdal Stølsysteri and Cafè is a modern summerfarm…

    22.79 km de distancia
  6. Urnes Stave Church

    Urnes Stave Church , the oldest of Norway's stave churches, is included on UNESCO's World…

    23.80 km de distancia
  7. Fjord path Sogndal

    The fjord trail in Sogndal goes from Loftesnes, along the fjord to Hagelin and is 1.5 km…

    24.91 km de distancia
  8. Gjest Baardsen Statue, Sogndal

    Gjest Baardsen (1791 – 1849) was a Norwegian outlaw, jail-breaker, non-fiction writer,…

    25.03 km de distancia
  9. Runestone from the 1100s, Sogndal

    Beside Stedje Church, one find a 1.89 meter high and 0.39 meter wide runestone from…

    25.11 km de distancia
  10. La Carretera de Aurland

    La Carretera Turística Nacional que atraviesa la meseta de Aurlandsfjellet entre Aurland…

    25.61 km de distancia
  11. Sognefjorden

    Stretching 204 km (120 miles) from Solund at the coast to the mighty Jotunheimen massif…

    25.81 km de distancia
  12. Galleri Walaker 300

    On the occasion of the hotel"s 300-year anniversary in 1990, Galleri Walaker 300 was…

    25.84 km de distancia
  13. Eldhuset - House og cheese

    Programme about local traditions, pasture farming and goat cheese production. Music,…

    25.99 km de distancia
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