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  1. Añadir Eldhuset - House og cheese a tu itineario

    Eldhuset - House og cheese


    5746 Undredal

    Programme about local traditions, pasture farming and goat cheese production. Music, guiding, demonstrations.

    PROGRAM: 20 min. In words and music and with sense of humour about how people lived in a small fjord village a cultural landscape that…

  2. Añadir Kvamsøy Church a tu itineario

    Kvamsøy Church


    6899 Balestrand

    Kvamsøy church (Kvamsøy church) is a long stone church built around 1280–1300. The church is located on Kvamsøy in Balestrand municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. The church is the youngest of the seven stone churches in the county. The church has 210…

  3. Añadir Margaretastova a tu itineario



    6888 Borgund

    Margaretastova at Filefjell Mountain is a museum with exhibition dedicated to the history of mountain lodges dating back to the Middle ages. Guided tours. Pre-booking only.


    Precio desde50,00 NOK Por persona
  4. Añadir The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 38 Opiniones38 Opiniones

    The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism


    Holmen 11
    6899 Balestrand

    The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is a unique, digital and modern museum that delves into the history and development of leisure travel in Norway. Today, Norway ranks among the world’s great travel destinations. The history of how this…


    Precio desdede 30,00 NOK a 85,00 NOK Billetes
  5. Añadir Bakka church a tu itineario

    Bakka church


    5749 Bakka

    Nærøy community in the parish of Aurland consists of the small villages: Dyrdal, Styvi, Tufte, Bakka and the inhabitants in the Nærøy valley/Gudvangen. The church is situated at Bakka, a small village by the Nærøyfjord. Car road from Gudvangen 6 km…

  6. Añadir Balestrand Art Village a tu itineario

    Balestrand Art Village


    6899 Balestrand

    'Det gylne hus' (The Golden House):
    Bjørg Bjøberg and Arthur Adamson - paintings, gallery, showing of films, collection of local artefacts, guided cultural walks.
    Opening hours: 10.00 - 21.00 from May to September.
    Phone: 91 56 28 42…

  7. Añadir Botnafossen (Fossen) a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 3 Opiniones3 Opiniones

    Botnafossen (Fossen)


    6893 Vik i Sogn

    Botnafossen is a rather big and very impressing waterfall in Indrefjorden in Arnafjord. The waterfall is clearly visible from the main road. One can get closer to the waterfall by leaving the main road and driving or hiking a bit up the road towards…

  8. Añadir Dale Stone Church a tu itineario

    Dale Stone Church


    6872 Luster

    In the village of Luster there is a distinctive stone church built around 1200. The architecture is Gothic and the church contains frescoes dating from the 15th century. Open to visitors.

  9. Añadir Drivandefossen Waterfall a tu itineario

    Drivandefossen Waterfall


    6876 Skjolden

    Drivandefossen waterfall is found in beautiful and lush Mørkridsdalen in Skjolden, only a 15-20 minutes walk from the road. This is also the route to Åsetevatnet and the DNT-cabin at Fast.

  10. Añadir El Centro del Salmón a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 18 Opiniones18 Opiniones

    El Centro del Salmón


    Øyraplassen 14
    6887 Lærdal

    El río Lærdal tiene una extensa tradición como uno de los mejores ríos para la pesca del salmón de Noruega y, quizá, sea el más conocido internacionalmente. Ahora es posible experimentar esta larga tradición y ver los salmones de cerca. 





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