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  1. Añadir Feigefossen Waterfall a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 43 Opiniones43 Opiniones

    Feigefossen Waterfall


    6872 Luster

    At the south side of Lustrafjorden you will find the magnificent Feigefossen Waterfall. Beautiful, 218 meters tall and one of Norways highest unregulated waterfalls.

    If you´d like to get close, hike up the trail alongside the river. There are…

  2. Añadir Botnafossen (Fossen) a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 3 Opiniones3 Opiniones

    Botnafossen (Fossen)


    6893 Vik i Sogn

    Botnafossen is a rather big and very impressing waterfall in Indrefjorden in Arnafjord. The waterfall is clearly visible from the main road. One can get closer to the waterfall by leaving the main road and driving or hiking a bit up the road towards…

  3. Añadir Drivandefossen Waterfall a tu itineario

    Drivandefossen Waterfall


    6876 Skjolden

    Drivandefossen waterfall is found in beautiful and lush Mørkridsdalen in Skjolden, only a 15-20 minutes walk from the road. This is also the route to Åsetevatnet and the DNT-cabin at Fast.

  4. Añadir Kjelfossen Waterfall a tu itineario

    Kjelfossen Waterfall


    Kjelfoss Waterfall is located in Gudvangen. (municipality Aurland).
    Total height is 755 metre and the tallest single drop is 149 metre.
    You can see the waterfall from the quay in Gudvangen centre and from the E16.

  5. Añadir Kjosfossen a tu itineario



    The mighty Kjosfossen is one of many highlights on the Flåm Railway. The waterfall has a total fall of 93 meters and is only accessible by train. It is posible to experience Kjosfossen all year, which gives the traveler the opportunity to visit a…

  6. Añadir Kvinnafossen a tu itineario



    6863 Leikanger

    Kvinnafossen falls 120 metres and is situated right beside the main road between Leikanger and Hella. During the spring thaw, the spray from the waterfall reaches across the road.
    When the snow melting is at its maximum strength you must be prepared…

  7. Añadir Rjoande Waterfall a tu itineario

    Rjoande Waterfall


    5743 Flåm

    Rjoandefossen (Waterfall) is located in the Flåm valley - Totalt hight of 310 m and a free fall of 147 m.
    You can see the waterfall from the Flåm Railway, the carroad and the hiking-/bikingroute.

  8. Añadir Vettisfossen Waterfall a tu itineario

    Vettisfossen Waterfall


    6884 Øvre Årdal

    With a free fall of 275 metres Vettisfossen is the highest protected waterfall in Norway. You can get there on foot by walking up the beautiful Utladalen in Øvre Årdal.

    With its free drop of 275 metres (about 900 feet), the Vettisfoss is the…

  9. Añadir Viagra Falls a tu itineario

    Viagra Falls



    The river running between the lakes Anestølsvatnet and Dalavatnet, foremost in the Sogndalsdalen valley, is called the Viagra Falls or the Viagra River. In an old myth it is claimed that the water in the river enhances potency and fertility. Whether…





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