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  1. Añadir The Sognefjord Alpine Traverse a tu itineario

    The Sognefjord Alpine Traverse


    Trolladalen 30
    6856 Sogndal

    This alpine ski tour takes you through the most alpine region of the world’s longest fjord – the Sognefjord. The three day long trip offers stable powder snow conditions, stunning fjord landscapes and lodging at unique and historic fjord hotels.

  2. Añadir Skiing with guide by the Sognefjord a tu itineario

    Skiing with guide by the Sognefjord


    Go with a highly qualified, local guide to find the best snow in the Sognefjord area all through winter, January to May!

  3. Añadir Fimbul - Guided mountain walks a tu itineario

    Fimbul - Guided mountain walks


    6871 Jostedal

    Thinking of a proper winter holiday this time? Fimbul is based in the middle of winter time Norway, in the calm and quiet Jostedalen. Without crowds and queues we give you top backcountry skiing, ice climbing, avalanche courses etc.

  4. Añadir Ski & Train - Vatnahalsen a tu itineario

    Ski & Train - Vatnahalsen


    5718 Myrdal

    The mountains surrounding Vatnahalsen Hotel and the Flåmasbana Railway are made for backcountry skiing! The area is situated west in Skarveheimen, where weather systems from the vest and east meet to produce fantastic powder snow throughout the…

  5. Añadir Utladalen Activities a tu itineario

    Utladalen Activities


    Utadalsvegen 30
    6884 Øvre Årdal


  6. Añadir Haute Route Jotunheimen a tu itineario

    Haute Route Jotunheimen


    2683 Tessanden

    Travel between cabins in Jotunheimen while summiting classical 2000 meter high peaks! This trip was done by Stian Hagen and friends during the spring of 2013. Bre og fjell are now offering to guide you along the same spectacular trip, visiting the…

  7. Añadir Jostedalsbreen glacier lengthwise a tu itineario

    Jostedalsbreen glacier lengthwise


    Fosshaugane Campus
    Trolladalen 30
    6856 Sogndal

    Jostedalsbreen glacier is the largest glacier on Europe's mainland. We invite you to join a 3-day skiing tour from north to south. Jostedalsbreen is also called Norway's roof, much because the breathtaking view from up there.

    The first day is…

  8. Añadir Sogndal Skisenter- alpine resort a tu itineario

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor

    Puntuación de los viajeros en TripAdvisor - 5 Opiniones5 Opiniones

    Sogndal Skisenter- alpine resort


    6853 Sogndal

    Con abundante nieve y pistas generalmente tranquilas, Sogndal skisenter Hodlekve tiene atracciones para todo tipo de esquiadores y snowboarders de todos los niveles, incluido las familias con niños. La estación de esquí cuenta con 5 remontes y 13…





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Trolladalen 30, 6856 Sogndal,



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